Saturday, February 19, 2011

Poor Me

My knitting is coming along well. I am having trouble finding time lately to sit down and really work on it. I have been looking at often and kinda feel slow with my progress. I know it's only been a little while, but I feel I am never going to get to the point to where I can make socks or a scarf even. My "squares" and boring projects are getting old. I am going to have to find a way to slow my mind down and keep up with my skill level. One day at a time, right??

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I know I haven't posted in a few days and there is good reason for it. The other night I was working on my dishcloth and somehow messed up a stitch or two. In trying to fix it I made it worse. I completely freaked out. Add a dog mess in the house and an upset hubby and you get a total meltdown. I completely broke. I cried (total sobs and boohoos) for a while and deemed my work "ruined and useless". After my little hissy-fit, I picked up where I left off and continued working, messed up and all. I have since put that project to the side until I am confident again. I have started a new project that is simple and will work on my skills. It is a mat for Tucker to lay on. It is huge and will take a while I'm sure, but I know it will help me improve and be efficient in my knitting. I will post pics next time.

Friday, February 11, 2011


Now that I have been working on this dishtowel for a few days, I am still not thrilled with how it looks. I know it won't be perfect and I don't expect it to be, but this is just sad. I was really frustrated yesterday when I kept comparing it to the picture. They look nothing alike! That was about the time that I realized I'd been looking at the wrong picture this whole time. The one I'm actually doing doesn't look too far off. I am kinda wishing I had done the dishcloth with a solid yarn instead of a multi-colored yarn, because I think it looks a little better as a solid. I am half wanting to quit this project and move on to another, but at the same time I have worked so hard and for so long that I want to finish it. *sigh*

This is my work

 The front image is the actual project....the back-ground cloth is what I thought I was doing.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Moving Onward!

I decided not to bring my knitting to work yesterday (mornings can be slow sometimes) and I almost went crazy wanting to work on it. I definitely brought it today. Last night I was able to do quite a bit of work....about 5 lines worth. Ok, so I have been working on my patterned project (the dishtowel) and I'm pretty far along. I will admit though as I hold it out and take a look at how it's's looking kinda crappy. I don't mind though because it's only my second try and because it's my first alternating stitches project. I hope when it's finished that I'll like it just enough to keep it at least. I'm wondering if my technique is wrong too. I can't seem to keep a consistent "tightness". I think that contributes to its crappy-ness.

*sorry the picture isn't that great*

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


   I have started this blog to post on my knitting projects and progress. I fully realize that I may have no readers at all, but I would like to write about my learning experience anyway. As of February 6, 2011, I am a beginner (self-taught) knitter. My first project is a coin purse that started out as a practice swatch. I am to the point where I can knit up the sides to make its shape then put in the zipper! I'd say that's pretty good for only a few days(ok almost a week). I have also taken the chance on making my first patterned piece, a dishcloth from a teaching book. So far it's going well (only restarted once), and I think/hope to be almost done by the weekend.